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Day 1 of school! - somestraymutt

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August 29th, 2011

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07:08 pm - Day 1 of school!
Day 1 of school today, and I've already come away with a good impression of the two classes I had today.

Interpersonal Communication - Well, I sort of already knew what to expect for this one, because I had begun this class a couple years ago, and with the same teacher. Due to circumstances, I ended up withdrawing from the class, but I came back in knowing I like the class and I really like this teacher. She's just as friendly and inviting as she was before, and I look forward to going through the class this time.

American History I - Oh, I was excited about this one! I don't think I'll be disappointed - my teacher clearly appreciates his subject, and made it clear that he finds it important to give history perspective, both from the various people involved and for how it links to the world we live in today.
I have to say though, my Submissive Teacher Sense was going wild. He gave off all the signs of being a pushover - he seemed enthusiastic but a bit nervous, and he continually talked about how loose he was with various things, but then tried to make himself sound tough about it. "I'll let you have tons of absences but after that I'll have to have a talk with you! You can turn things in late, but I -will- start dropping your grade!" Bless his heart.
I actually kind of prefer tough teachers to pushovers, but it's no skin off my nose. If he teaches well, that's what matters.
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