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The Karni Mata temple - somestraymutt

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April 8th, 2011

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03:16 am - The Karni Mata temple
The Karni Mata Hindu temple is a temple that worships rats, believing them to be the reincarnated ancestors of thousands of people. They believe that when the rats die, they are reincarnated as people, and when people die, they are reborn in the temple as rats. There are thousands of rats, therefore, scurrying about the temple. The people who live there eat and sleep with the rats, and feed them like they feed themselves, a wholly vegetarian and appetizing diet - well, appetizing aside from the whole 'they let rats crawl on it' part.

It's all rather disgusting, I know. I mean, I certainly would never eat food that rats touched, and I love rats. And all that rat poo, ew. I know they clean the place daily, but thousands of rats gotta produce a lot of waste daily.

But somehow, I find the whole thing kind of neat, despite all that. Of course, like any religion, I think it's a bunch of hogwash. But I guess, for my love of rats and animals in general, I can kind of appreciate it. And the thing is, I'm so used to the Abrahamic religions, full of violence and contradictory egotism and self-loathing. Meanwhile, here we have a sect of Hinduism whose crimes are 'having silly beliefs' (redundant, all religious beliefs are redonk) and 'loving animals so much it's unsanitary.' For all my dislike of religion, I don't mind coexisting with that.

Squeak eek. Brofist, Karni Mata. Brofist.

I oughta post here more often.

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